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Discussion in 'Alpine Touring Gear' started by BJS, Dec 1, 2020.

  1. BJS


    I’ve been recommended for local backcountry plus regular downhill Atomic Backland 107, which are locally available in Sandpoint - being new to backcountry (but an excellent skier), welcome your views and help. Where do you buy skis and bindings online (I would get new boots locally to get them fitted). Thanks for your help!
  2. This is a very subjective question. You can go a number of directions with equipment. Do you want lightweight for long days? Mixed use slackcountry? Personally I like a 90-100 (DPS Wailer 99) width ski with a rocker camber rocker profile regardless of in or out of bounds. I have a Marker Kingpin but would go with a Shift binding for a combo ski. There are so many choices now for boots. I have a Scarpa Maestrale which is a good combination of lightweight and stiffness. For boots fit is the biggest factor. My foot is a Scarpa/Lange foot therefore I narrow my options to those two brands. If a Atomic is your boot of choice I would look at them as well Salomon's. In my opinion your backcountry gear should mirror your inbound gear. Again this is just my opinion and probably doesn't mean beans.
  3. Aaron


    Idaho reviews a lot of gear. Boots need to be comfortable. The lighter your gear the more time you will want to spend in the backcountry.
  4. Aaron


    To answer your question I buy from whoever has the cheapest price. Often sites will give you a discount if you sign up for emails. I mount my own bindings.

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