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Discussion in 'General' started by Terra Treader, Mar 28, 2021.

  1. Hey peeps - just want to toss out a Thanks to whomever yanked my stuck sled out of the pit it had dug near Burke/Baldy this weekend. My clutch shit the bed on me during a weekend long split mission, fortunately we got it out today. We got back to it today to find it nicely out of it's pit and were able to get it back to the trailer :)

    So again many thanks! Got in 7 different runs splitting around up there this weekend.
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  2. PowderPanda

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    Heeey Cary!!! You're welcome. Yah, it as stuck!!
    That was Jared (Coeur Freshies on IG), Gabe, Ryan Fog, Scott and myself. We were up doing filming for some IPAC Avy and snowmachine video.
    Jared saw your sled and we hit it on our way out.. again.. it was BURIED and that snow set up like cement. Great avy shoveling practice!
    Glad we could help. I left a small gift of stickers in your handle bar pouch!!!
    Cheers bud!!
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  3. Sweet - Kind of figured it was one of you guys when I found those stickers :) Y'all be awesome...need to get my sled fixed and go out with you soon.
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    Liberty Lake, WA
    For Sure @Terra Treader.. Hopefully that clutch won't take too much. That's a pisser.. Were you doubled up?
    That's the problem with sled maintenance for us ski tourers.. doubling up kills the clutch/belt fast.
  5. Aye we were doubled up and geared heavy - we were up there for 2 nights. Was shooting for 3 but alas the clutch made us re-evaluate.
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