Mt Spokane touring: regular or single

Discussion in 'Touring Partners' started by LikesToGoFaSt, Dec 11, 2020.

  1. Hi all; I’m touring Mt Spokane twice a week at this point and wondering if anyone would like to link up.
    I’m pretty sure I’m slow at this point, but improve each time. Last round trip was 4.78 miles (so about half that on the ascent) with about 1600 vertical and 02:20 including transition.
    Hope everyone is safe and well, and finding good snow—
  2. 7” fresh on mt Spokane. Skinning up at seven if anyone wants to link up
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  3. Hi! I’d love to join you sometime, let me know next time you’re headed out that way!
    (805) 801-1904
  4. I also am touring Mt. Spokane 2x/week. Generally Monday night and Thursday AM. Would love to join you or meet up for a skin. (208-206-9946)
  5. What time on Monday nights do you go?
  6. Same post new day—mt Spokane uphill tomorrow 0715 if anyone wants to link up. Haven’t done it from snow park and feeling like a change of scenery would be nice...
    Pace-wise I’m at 1:30-1:40 on the resort uphill route.
  7. Klawsky


    Howdy, I just moved to the area and was debating checking out Mt. Spokane for a morning tour this Saturday depending if I can sneak away from unpacking lol. Anybody headed up there and interested? (320-420-2411)
  8. Resort day today, going to tour tomorrow in the a.m. if anyone wants to link up...

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