MountainGear closing

Discussion in 'General' started by idsnowghost, Dec 22, 2019.

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    Spokane, WA
  2. That’s such a bummer.
  3. Terrible news. Hate to se this resource disappear from Spokane.
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  4. Bill A.

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  5. The candy store is closing :(
  6. I received their catalogue for what seemed like forever while living in Valdez and made a few orders. Move to Spokane and low and behold.... I drive by the actual store! My wife and I bought a few things since, the last being some super light hikers. I actually think it was a "better" store than REI. Really nice store. Sad to see it happen to employees and legacy clients.
  7. matmaster


    Elk, Wa
    Mountain Gear is having a big sale to liquidate their inventory starting December 27. Everything in the store will be 20% - 50% off. They will be missed.
  8. Alright guys! We’ve got to talk about this! I know it’s the year of the “free tour” and lots of the local ski shops are starting to deal in backcountry gear... like shifts, kingpins, and some of the beef boots.... but without mt gear there is going to be quite the void. And we need to figure something out. I’m guilty of relying heavily upon online shopping and product reviews but nothing can match the brick and mortar quality that mountain gear brought too.. well... the whole damn region! Maybe I’m crazy but it sure seems to me like the rest of the country ( and Canada) is figuring out what all the hype and excitement of ski mountaineering racing and speed touring is all about. We are amidst so many ski hills where only one has started to help the uphill community with a sure fire policy (that I’m aware of) and not having a local shop dedicated to the backcountry user is not going to help this problem. I’m basically just on a rant... it’s been difficult enough thru the years to rely solely on mt gear being a cda guy... and now it’s going to really suck! Is rei going to carry the new alien rs boot? Or the fishcher carbons? Can I go somewhere locally to compare what pamoca vs g3 vs black diamond has to offer for climbing skins. Where am I gonna get my atk/helio bindings mounted with confidence. I’m reaching out to the hesitant entrepreneur! There is a need for this in Spokane, cda, and or sandpoint! Any bike shops out there willing to dive into the wonderful world of skimo? Vertical earth came close way back in the beginning when mark owned it just by offering cross country ski gear... is there room for that in a bike shop. I love our bc ski community and only want to see it grow! Ya maybe there will be more tracks in your favorite spot as the popularity grows, but this will also mean more leverage for road maintenance and access in our not so easily accessed areas. Okay I’ll stop now

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