mccall area

Discussion in 'General' started by oldgrowthpaddlecompany, Dec 28, 2018.

  1. anybody ever make it down to brundage for backcountry?
  2. There is a peak to the northeast of brundage that people lap kinda like we do with blue. You can also drop off the back of brundage towards the lake but the slopes are pretty short. There are tons of sno mo trails for access, I think lick crick summit has a yurt. If you head past brundage towards goose lake and granite peak, with snowmobiles, there is lots of terrain to explore but also lots of sled activity.
  3. have you been down in devils creek yet? did solar extacy day after was very nice
  4. a little bit but it was early and the road cuts were a pain in the ass. West bowl behind k mac has been fun. we hit solor and ulita new years eve but the wind effect was pretty noticeable. Everything seems great with latest snow. Went to salmo on saturday and it was amazing!

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