Making a snowmobile ski rack

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  1. Picked up a second sled this fall and spending another 600.00 on a rack wasn’t in the cards so I’m copying my older mopro rack. Bought some 3”x5”x1/4” angle in Spokane. Probably about 100.00 in material when I’m done but I already had random snowboard binding parts. Will update as I progress. 83A2D8D6-E986-4D87-A047-913A69A4C2E0.jpeg 83E2D433-12A6-419F-8014-77065B692FFC.jpeg
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    Looks great so far!
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  3. B28E47B8-A316-4E93-95A7-4278F9F48E0D.jpeg 17F2A0A2-7B05-4E4B-8241-42832B6036C2.jpeg I found the 1/2 aluminum rods at Home Depot and was stoked to get them for what I thought was cheap. But after buying a special router bit and taping each one I’d wish I would have just bought them from mo-pro for 50 bucks. That’s the nice thing about mo-pro you can buy any part individually.
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  4. Not sure if you were using them, but when I’m building one-off stuff for boats I source my metals from Alcobra over in the dog town portion of Hillyard. They are excellent to work with, have lots of little off cuts and remnants to choose from if you have a small order, and prices are always competitive.

    Plus on a job like that they may have given you a person to contact who could loan the tools or just tap the part for you on the cheap. I may have some fab guys for you as well if you want to do cash jobs for little stuff to save the cost on tool purchases.

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