Lookout training grounds sat am?

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  1. Two-part question:
    Considering doing training grounds on sat in the morning—anyone interested in meeting up?
    my level of backcountry experience: none. have all gear, classes in jan. Have read the books.

    I am inviting any feedback on what follows, this is what I’ve put together.
    . I’ve looked at topo and google—it looks like(and I’m told—thanks k.pow) the south facing aspect is not generally avy terrain—there are some slope features: to my inexperienced eye it looks westward leaning. Gully to skiers left with a stream a quarter distance down—stay right.
    Cross freeway on overpass, turn left to road. Skin the road.
    IPAC isn’t doing advisories yet. I’ve gone several pages back on trip reports and haven’t seen anything to help in planning.
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  2. k.p0w


    C7D53623-52ED-44E9-9392-125866DB4572.jpeg This is generally where most people make their laps. Have fun!
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  3. Bill A.

    Bill A.

    Spokane, WA
    Looking at the webcam yesterday (Thanksgiving) and today, it looks like quite a few folks have had the same idea as you. The cars are filling the pullout at the trailhead. It will probably be tracked and thin, but it's a fun area with little consequence if you stay in the area that @k.p0w outlined. Please report back.
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  4. I have been thinking along the same line as far as it being tracked out; also if it goes above freezing today and refreezes might be pretty crunchy.
    But if I’m feeling okay—wife and kids all have low level colds(Covid negative as of today)—I’ll do a mini trip report.
    just aching to get on the snow and to try these boots out. Yes Panda—a review will be forthcoming, but not until after some soles and a mold and 12-15 tours.
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  5. More or less the same boat as you (class dialed up at Lookout mid Jan). This past season I exclusively rode the TG as it was my first season splitting. Skinned up different areas each time to get good feel for the area and had a blast each time. I'll definitely be getting some laps in up there this season so I'm open to meet up if you need a partner.

    I'd imagine coverage would be pretty thin this time of year, but it would still be worth skinning up the road to get familiar with the area and burn off some thanksgiving cals.
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  6. PowderPanda

    PowderPanda Staff Member

    Liberty Lake, WA
    Right on!!!
  7. I would correct that to a few tours and 5-8 resort days. I’m getting the mold done tomorrow.

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