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  1. My girlfriend is looking for a touring set up. She is a veteran skier and looking to start some walking in the woods. Anyone have any leads on a set up or good ideas where to search in the panhandle. looking to find a cheap set up that is functional so she can get out on some tours and see if she likes it.

    looking for skis in the 165-175 range
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    The prices for rental from NIC and Mountain Gear are very reasonable. NIC (North Idaho College) has everything you need (beacon, prove, shovel, skins, skis, bindings, boots, etc.) while mountain gear has quality skis, boots, bindings in case you have the other stuff already. I don't know exactly what brands NIC has (I've heard it is good stuff, Black Diamond) but I went to Mountain Gear with a family member to check out their gear and it was nice skis, kingpin 10s, and a nice rockered, vibram sole Scarpa boot.
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    I agree with Raynord.. Rent the gear.. There's a lot of money to be spent if you're not sure. LoL
    And of course... have the backcountry gear for rescue!
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