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Discussion in 'Splitboard Gear' started by Terra Treader, Dec 1, 2015.

  1. So after last years splitboard adventures I'm finding that my Flow bindings that I snagged off my resort board aren't the best use and could easily become unusable during a ride.

    So I'm looking to find another set of bindings (probably used) that I can toss on my DIY splity. I've got the Voile kit on mine and the thing that is getting me is that a lot of bindings that I'm looking at just have tension to hold the front ladder straps in. In the case of my Flow bindings they have a pin that can pop out of that space and render the toe straps useless.

    So if anyone has a set of old bindings that they want to sell off let me know. I wear about a size 11.5ish boot, so large bindings please :)

    Hit me up
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    Terra... XL binding... LoL

    I'll keep my eye's out for ya!
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