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Discussion in 'Touring Partners' started by Patrick B, Oct 13, 2019.

  1. I'm looking to get a partner or small group together for some adventure this Winter/Spring. I just moved here from Northern New Mexico, so naturally I've resorted to finding friends on the internet in my 30s... LOL

    I rode alot all over, but mostly in Southern Colorado or Northern NM. My favorite is ski-mo days including a summit or two. I'm not familiar with the area but plan to explore this year. Im looking for other like minded peeps to ride with this year. If you're experienced and knowledgeable about the area, then great. if not, no worries just need a willingness to get out there and search for the best pow runs with me.
    I got a pass at Schweitzer and plan to start looking at side/back country around there when the snow hits. I'm not avy certified, but I have strong knowledge of avy/rescue. I'm not too interested in exploring solo because I'm not familiar with snow conditions or mountain aspects up here quite yet.

    I personally like the steeps but don't HAVE to have it to have fun. I snowboard/splitboard but most of my friends are skiers. I can keep up, no prob. Either is good with me.

    I'm game to get further out as well, not just Idaho. Canada, Washington, Montana, they are all fair game for me!

    I'm game to skin long distances or to sled in, doesn't matter to me. I'll adapt to the new environment.

    Have fun this season! Glad to meet up prior as well to discuss.
  2. teledance


    N. ID
    Schweitzer has plenty of BC riders, so you'll find company, hikes to Big Blue and Euleda ahead.
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  3. Thanks for the response. I agree with avy course. I was scheduled to take it during a bad snow year in NM, and it got cancelled because of weather. Will check out the Spokane Mountaineers, that sounds right up my alley.
  4. Nice, both those hikes look awesome


    You ready to rock the Silver "Chord" on the 29th? Should be fun!
  6. teledance


    N. ID
    Quite ready hopefully I get a couple of hikes in before then.
  7. I’m a snowboarder/ split-boarder up in Sandpoint and alway looking for people to adventure with. I have have my Level one CERT let me know if you want to get out this winner
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  8. Ok, now we're talking! Thanks.
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  9. I also live in CDA have a pass to Schweitzer. I am looking to hit the side country and further but need partner/partners. I am also new to the area and have avi level 1 cert. and weather forecasting background. Looks like we could get a nice dump on Jan 1st so the following weekend could be good in the backcountry if the weather allows. Send me a message if interested in meeting up.
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