Looking for opinions on split board equipment and places to go close to spokane

Discussion in 'General' started by seanbob, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. seanbob


    Spokane WA
    hi I’m new to the back country game and I’m looking for any good advice on splitboard gear and accessories. Also looking for good places to enter tha back country. I plan on taking my AVA 1 course this spring.
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    Hey @seanbob,
    First.. Cute pup!!!
    Alrighty, when it comes to splitboard. Several options, have an old board split for you or DIY (I'm too lazy for this).
    Or buy a manufactured split (We'll call them custom split from here on). With a custom, you can find used (sometime posted here in the For Sale section), rarely on Craigslist and some on Ebay.
    So, with those options, have a general idea of the type of board you want. I do not recommend freestyle boards for backcountry riding. Now that the season is well on the way, there are sales out there. The best sales are in June/July.
    Then of course there is the res of the gear, what bindings you want. I recommend Spark R&D (full disclosure, i do ride for them. But that said, I have tested many others, including the "other" popular brand and can tell you Spark is the best). If you decided to go hardboot setup, there are members here to talk to @k.p0w comes to mind.
    As for skins.. that personal preference.. again, find something on sale.
    As for poles.. something collapsable... Unless you're a kook and ride with them in your hands.. LoL

    This is pretty general... but gets the gist. PM me if you have specific questions..

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