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  1. Hello all:

    long-time lurker - first time poster!

    I am thinking about a trip up into the Selkirk Crest area - Mount Roothan area. I am hoping to get some information on what the snow pack is like - especially whether south facing slopes have melted out and to what elevations. We were on Mt. Spokane a couple days ago and hit snow at about 5000 feet but there was a marked difference between south facing slopes and north facing. Any info or suggestions is appreciated.

    Thanks much, Steve.
  2. Could you share anymore beta about the location you found snow at Mt Spokane?
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    Most the good skiing on Roothaan is into the Chimney bowl or off the East side. No firsthand beta, but going on years past I'm sure there's full coverage on the trail still, probably can get close to the trailhead if not all the way in. 4x4 required to go all the way.
  4. Sorry - I wasn't as clear as I should have been - not skiable snow, we were just hiking Mt. Kit Carson, but this was on south facing slopes at about 4800 feet where there was some shade. I would guess there is still a lot more on the north facing slopes.
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    From the West Fork trailhead look back across Smith Creek, there is a nice avalanche path that holds snow quite late. Access is from the east side North of Bonners.
    Another area is accessed from the Priest side. Mollie's and Phoebe's tip both hold late snow.
    Have fun
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    Mount Roothaan is still good for skiing. A buddy of mine was just up there last week. You can't make it to the trailhead yet but can get within one mile. The trail is still under snow and you can ski the south side or north side from the Horton Ridge. Have fun!
  7. Thanks guys - I'll try to put up some pics of how it looks now.
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    Heard the trailhead is still snowed in 1.5~ miles out as of 5/22.
  9. Hello all:

    I would estimate the road is snowed in about 1.5 to 2 miles to the trail head. Some trucks and ATVs were smashing through it a bit but it's still feet deep for most of the way.


    We used snowshoes the entire ascent and came down plunge stepping which worked pretty well. No snow slides in or presence but you could see a couple small wet slides on the upper areas of Mr. Roothan.


    We had a great trip and saw a couple ski tracks but not a single other person:


    Thanks all for the information. Steve.

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