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Discussion in 'Touring Partners' started by Leah Rife, Jan 4, 2021.

  1. Howdy!
    My name is Leah, and I just moved to the CDA area. I’ve been backcountry skiing for 3 seasons now and I have my AIARE 1! I’ve primarily explored the Eastern Sierra, but I’m really excited to check this area out!
    I’d love to connect with anyone interest in backcountry (or resort) skiing, I have most week and weekend days free!
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  2. Leah, good day! I just moved up here as well and like you spent quite a few days in the sierras. I have aiare 1/2 and just did rescue. I’m living out past Clark fork in the cabinets and super interested in finding a few like minded humans to explore these wild mtns with as well as some resort stuff. If you want to connect for some turns you can reach me at +14062248573
  3. Hi, I'm down to join up with you on Saturday's for backcountry exploration. I don't really have backcountry experience other than skinning up Mount Spokane multiple times. But I did take AST 1 last year at Red Mountain.
  4. Andrew Chase

    Andrew Chase

    Hi All-

    I'm from Vermont and new to the area. I have been trying to get up to Mt Spokane (from the sno-park lot) twice a week to get in some laps. I usually get to snow-park lot around 2:00pm (I work east coast hours) and do a few laps. I am also signed up for the level 1 course next weekend at Lookout Pass. If anyone is interested in joining at Mt Spokane feel free to reach out at 603-724-7888. I'd also be interested in exploring other areas with more experience partners.


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