Local Ski Gear Companies (Buy Local!)


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Here's an ongoing list of the local ski gear companies, if you want to support local business:


7B Skis - Sandpoint, Idaho. Available for demo at the Ski & Ride Center at Schweitzer. Offers a model with fishscale ski bases for quick ascents up many of the logging roads around the local backcountry.

Altai Skis - Curlew, Washington. Available for demo at 49 Degrees North Nordic center. Primarily makes snowshoe skis with permanent skins but has a more downhill oriented model coming for 2013.

CHILLERdecks - Sandpoint, Idaho. Produces lightweight, high quality bi-deck powderskates.

Meier Skis - Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Produces award winning skis from locally sourced Aspen and Beetle killed pine from the high Mt Ranges of Colorado. Super light and poppy (due to the aspen wood and carbon).

Sneva MFG - Spokane, Washington. Available for demo at Schweitzer or direct from Sneva in Spokane. Also produces skis for Montana Ski Company.

Substance Skis - Coeur D Alene, Idaho. Available for demo at Ski Shack in Hayden and Silver Mountain on select days. Bamboo core skis with locally sourced materials.

ULLR Skis - Sagle, Idaho. Completely custom built skis sourced from eco-friendly and 99% American-made materials. (defunct)
7B skis has discontinued production. Dave Marx is looking to sell the business (name, designs, molds, presses, etc). There are still a few pairs of his skis for sale at the Ski and Ride Center.