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  1. I'm a life long Washington resident. My job is moving to Sandpoint area by 2020.

    My wife and I are starting to look at housing options. One idea we're both pretty excited about is the thought of living up at the ski area. There aren't many places where housing is (relatively) affordable and you can walk to a chairlift. That sort of thing doesn't exist in Washington.

    Obviously there are some downsides in terms of mountain/winter driving and such. We are used to that currently, we live up a canyon near Leavenworth that takes 30 minutes to get to town and gets heavy snowfall and poor plowing.

    My main question is what is living up there like? Are there many full time residents? Are the neighbors nice or fussy? What's the average age? Are there many 30 - 40 something outdoorsy types?

    Also it appears there are at least 1 if not multiple HOA. What are the HOA politics like? There seemed to be an awful lot of rules, some of which I totally understood but others seemed a little confusing to me (ie you need written permission from the HOA to have a 1 ton truck? No power tools? No parking of "off road racing vehicles"?) Are rules like that general guidelines or are they strictly enforced? Obviously it seems it was written to keep the area nice and feel like a recreation/outdoor community with high property values but are they to the point that living up there feels stifled? Not saying I'm looking to move up there and haul in a 7 broken down cars and start a woodshop... but I do drive an f350. Obviously there are plenty of places in Idaho where someone can have the pile of project vehicles and such. I'm not looking to circumvent or subvert rules at all. But some HOAs can make living somewhere very unpleasant.

    Second question: There seems to be quite a few buildable lots up there. What's the permit process like in that area? My county in Washington can be a real PITA to build, I assume Sandpoint area is better?

    It also looks like the HOA has an architectural committee, what's that like? Again, not looking to plunk down a singlewide but am curious what the process, standards etc look like.

    If anyone wants to send a pm rather than a public post please do so. I'm just trying to find more information as there isn't very much available on the web.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hey Leavenworth skier,
    The people I know live in condos there, part time.
    Yah, they don’t want a bunch of side by sides and sleds running up and down the roads there. Small towns like Kellogg and Wallace invite that group.
    As for 30-40 something outdoorsy.. a lot of that. Huge community there, it’s a real hippie town now. LoL
    You could say it is a lot like Leavenworth. Summer had a ton of tourism there.
    One of our members, @raynord22 nist moved there. Good person to connect with.

    Welcome to the site and Inland NW!
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  3. I live in Sandpoint. Happy to answer any questions if you want to pm me.
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    We ended up at the base of the mountain road due to my wife having call for work. I think living up in the village would be awesome and I still think about it, haha.
    I don't know much about the demographics of folks who stay full time up on the mountain yet. I know homeowners up there pay into the Selkirk Recreation District for plowing, etc., and the extra from that goes into mountain bike trails and cross country ski trails that are not part of Schweitzer. These are well signed and taken care of trails but there aren't a large amount of them. I wish I had more info on demographics for you.
    I know plenty of people with houses/condos use side by sides to get to and from the ski hill, Schweitzer has parking specifically for them and I think for like $20-50 bucks ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ or something you can get a pass to park your there (hopefully that number isn’t way off, it is just what came to my head.)
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    buy now, ask questions later, the price is only goin up with all the improvments at the swizz
    labor and building materials are sky rocketing, expect delays getting something built
    consider a rental close to work
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