For Sale K2 Panoramic Splitboard (158), Voile Light Rail Bindings, Ski Crampons Skins, BD Poles $450 SOLD

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Johnny, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. For sale is the following:

    - K2 Panoramic Splitboard (size 158), well used but in good shape.
    - pair of Voile Light Rail Bindings with matching Voile crampons. Bindings need a toe strap.
    - 2 sets of skins, Spark R and D and K2 skins. The K2 skins will need to be re-glued.
    - One pair of collapsible Black Diamond Poles.

    Asking $450 obo. May be willing to mix and match with the Burton Custom also posted on this site.

    PM me (John) and perhaps we can set something up.





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  2. Hey man, wondering if you'd be willing to come down a little...I'm broke, but SO jonesin' to hike BC this winter! Could you do $400 shipped to 05672? How beat up is the board's base, edges, etc...? No pics of that critical area. Thx! HBVT far as payment, do you use paypal?
  3. PowderPanda

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    Liberty Lake, WA
    Nice you got it sold Johnny.
  4. Soo, you mean, sold (to me?)?

    IF yes, Firstly, can you send some detail pics of the base / edges to my email address? It's

    2ndly, what's your paypal email address?

    Regards, HBVT
  5. Oh, shucks, meant to send that last one backchannel / private! My b. Will do shortly...

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