@k.p0w & The Art of Splitboarding- Feb 6th @ Mountain Gear 7-830P

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    Liberty Lake, WA
    One of our original members, @k.p0w will be presenting "The Art of Splitboarding" at Mountain Gear in Spokane, Wa on Feb 6th from 7-830p

    Would be great to see PanhandleBackcountry members there to support him and meet other members.
    For those newer to Splitboarding and backcountry riding, this will be great experience to learn some of the concepts and equipment of backcountry riding.

    Checkout Mountain Gear's FB page for details
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    Thanks Larry! I’m looking forward to spreading the stoke about the sport I love! The talk is mostly geared towards beginners or those who are considering getting into the sport. But those who are already into Splitboarding may get something out of it as well. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!
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