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  1. What up collective. Feel like this would be a kick ass tinder profile.

    Title is pretty self explanatory but I am new to the area and will be based out of Spokane. I recently moved from Denver and am excited to ditch all the insanity that the Denver front range holds.

    Details about me:

    AIARE 1 Certified
    Full kit with Airbag
    Ski 50-60 days a year (probably a 60/40 split resort/touring).
    Confident skier (feel comfortable skiing anything)
    Big fan of talking when touring, discussing obs, snow pack. Like to red light/green light runs. My goal is to return home at the end of the day -- NOT ski the gnarliest line -- if we accomplish both FKNA great.

    An average day for me in Colorado was 4-5k vert, a big day was 10k.

    I do not have a sled.

    I have a 9 mo lab/shepherd mix that already has 8 days under his belt. On mellow days he will accompany as we search out more gnarly lines in spring he will stay home.

    Lastly: my wife likes to accompany on more mellow days, she has a full kit with airbag too.

    Attached are pics for stoke.

    turns.jpg skintrack.jpg pow.jpg deep.jpg
  2. idsnowghost

    idsnowghost Staff Member

    Spokane, WA
    And he skis Praxis, bonus cred?
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  3. Love my Praxis BC's currently have the 190's mounted up. They just have the design dialed.
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  4. Heck yeah I co-mingle with you uni-boarders. I'll shoot you a text as we get closer to the season!
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  5. Careful Chris, you’d better be in shape before you accept a “friendly” invite from Jason the mountain goat!
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  6. Haha!! I'll attach an anchor to his back.
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  7. Welcome! I'm normally in the backyard at Schweitzer or playing in the Mullan/Lookout pass area. Would love to meet up for a tour this winter. Shoot me a message anytime
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  8. Whats up, also a recent transplant to the area but from Bozeman. Seems like we'd be pretty compatible skiers, I'm also level 1 certified, get 40-50 days in the backcountry a season, and like to get some vert. I'm recovering from shoulder surgery now but good to go by late february, let me know if you want to tour. 970.818.1069 More pics for pre-season stoke View attachment 4159 IMG_1566.JPG

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  9. Getting out tomorrow bump. Who wants to ski.
  10. Sunday one ride to St. Regis basin maybe?

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