I'm Back - woohoo!

Discussion in 'General' started by Terra Treader, Apr 10, 2020.

  1. Well it's been 2.5 seasons since I broke my k2 diy and I finally got the hook up on a Arbor Split that was only used 6 days.

    Took it for a run upto 49 to get back into the game last weekend and found one of my skins leaving goo all over my board.

    Looking to go out hopefully once a weekend. What's some suggest spots to get my legs back under me? I was thinking Tiger peak would be schweet, or perhaps somewhere out near priest.

    No sled so have to be easily accessible by car to start.

    And as far as my skin leaving goop all over, how much success do peeps put in the parchment paper, brown bag, iron trick I seem to have read about?
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  2. I’m on my 7th season with some BD Momix skins after reviving them 3 times with this technique (parchment paper). I can’t see a downside to trying it before you shell out for new skins...
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