Hoodoo Pass Area Question- Anyone skied.?.?.?

Discussion in 'General' started by Patrick B, Jan 11, 2022.

  1. Hey folks, curious if someone has some beta on hoodoo pass area of Montana. Specifically the mountains north of the pass. Has anyone skied the north couloirs of Illinois Peak? Has anyone skied the NE face of Oregon Peak?

    I am more familiar with Illinois Peak, which we rode last winter. However, avy conditions didn't warrant too many steeps on that trip...

    If so, any and all info is much appreciated :)
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    I've skied all the couloirs on Illinois that don't require a rappel. (A couple have cliffs mid-slope) They've all been skied and have some cheesy names.

    We go in the late Spring when the roads open up a bit.. @k.p0w skied a couple with me and @dmgluek has been up there too. Others from Missoula area seem to make it up there also.

    I haven't skied Oregon Peak, although I 'd love to ski a route through those three lakes someday. A snowmobiler died in an avalanche about a decade ago on the NE face mid-winter. Last run of the day, sad story.
  3. Sending you a DM
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  4. @idsnowghost
    The highlighted ones seem like they go. I think blue circled areas are the cliff bands we talked about. Anything go closer to the center of the ridge? I want to make sure and avoid the mid-cliff ones... If I had more time, i'd start on Oregon to get a better view of this face.

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