Headed to Stevens Peak to scope out terrain

Discussion in 'Touring Partners' started by Patrick B, Nov 1, 2019.

  1. Hey,

    If anyone is interested, I am headed from CDA to Stevens Peak this Saturday, Nov 2. From a topo it looks like great terrain for BC riding, so I want to go scope out terrain and take some photos/notes. Overall going to explore, maybe plan some cool day tours to come later. If interested, message me on here or text 972.979.5368.

    I figure we can meet in or near Mullan in the morning and be on trail by sunrise. Open to suggestion though.

    WINTER IS COMING (GOT's voice)!
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  2. Hey Patrick!
    Did you make it up to the Stevens peak area? I’m curious to what kind of snow pack you found... probably pretty snowy at the lakes? If your new to the area, most of the skiing up there happens in the lone lake basin and off the north slope of west willow peak, but in all reality there is great skiing off of just about every aspect of Stevens peak despite lots of danger zones. Boulder basin (one drainage to the west) offers some pretty astounding terrain as well and is seemingly seeing significantly less skier traffic than it had a decade ago. I’m itching to get out and would love to know what it was lookin like up there. Cheers!
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  3. Hey Caleb, yeah I did make it to Steven's Peak on Saturday. I am stoked about this area for winter, and am game to go anytime. I did go in from Lost lake side. I'd say 2 or more storms and you'll be able to skin from parking lot. Top lake frozen, bottom lake frozen except center and areas where feeders were. Keep in mind I'm not from this area, but the snow depth seemed decent for this time of year. May be able to ride in 2+ storms if you have a board you're willing to beat up. Snowpack made me nervous, seemed like the bottom layer was the weakest and hollowed out at the ground. Lots of avy signs and lots of big cracking while traversing up top. I wasnt too concerned because snow depth was shallow and I minimized exposure. More concerned about it being the base this winter, hopefully the warmer weather this week will help.
    Do you know if they have names for the various chutes? I found one (second pic) that I want really bad. Do you know if lost lake parking lot is accessible in winter or do u need a sled to get there?
    I am going to head up again this week, except take the Stevens Lakes route to get familiar with it.
    I really like that area
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  4. MVIMG_20191102_124251.jpg From lake
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  5. Awesome chute MVIMG_20191102_120925.jpg
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  6. MVIMG_20191102_111111.jpg Stevens Lake side
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  7. Nice! Looks like you really poked around and saw the sights. I’ve never really known a name for that chute but it typically gets skied in the spring, the peak cornices build a decent little nose that makes getting into it a little exciting but isn’t too overhung in one spot. We usually summit via the ridge.. tried booting it last year and floundered near the top and had to turn around. Check out @brutah s post from 2015. Him and some other friends really got after it that year and ticked basically everything off. Miss those guys that moved over to the wasatch and the front range . As far as parking goes... all winter is basically from the interstate overpass, kind of unfortunate but it keeps the riff raff out. There is a handshake agreement that keeps snowmobile use out of the lone lake basin and for the most part it stays pretty pristine up there. The steep old logging road that veers right where the lone lake trail begins is the best access to the ridge despite the long round about route... the basin has some cruxes in deep snow and can be pretty grueling to make the ridge from the summer trail. Personally not a fan of climbing in from the Stevens lakes side... but to each his own. Probably see u up there
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  8. I'm down for Chute-y touring action +/- dogs anytime. hit me up.
  9. Fantastic pics and scouting. Took the dogs up there this summer and was thinking the same thing. Wonder what the snow pack is like up there now.

    How long do ya think it would take to skin up that road to ridge?

  10. That early season snow seems to be rotten and creating a big avy risk... I'm actually going to head back up Tuesday (tentative) to scope it out and test myself. More than welcome to join.

    I have no idea on the extra skin time now that they put the snowmobile barracades up, but I plan to find out!

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