For Sale Hardboot Dual Height Climbing Wires (Splitboarders)

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by k.p0w, Mar 30, 2020.

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    Selling a pair of Spark R&D Hardboot Dual Height Wires. Still in package. Never used. Even get a sticker. Normal price is $55. You can save yourself fifteen bucks if you get them from me.

    Splitboarders- Start collecting gear to switch over to hardboots. You'll never regret it ;)

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  2. As a question, if you’re willing, why hard boot for back country? I’ve read that maybe it offers the most control of edge or power transfer—but that there are some sacrifices...slalom riders are hard booters and b-cross are not, I think. My bro in law is a hardbooter; but he also says it’s brutal on the feet.
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    I use both, depending on who you talk to you will get different answers.
    Before I go into my choices, I'll note I've been snowboarding for 30yrs and splitboarding for about 10yrs. So I am a bit old school. LoL
    My .02 is HB are awesome at touring and mountaineering. They give you excellent control when you really need it (after you have them dialed in... @k.p0w def does). Touring with HB, give you suburb purchase on steep hard snow skinning as well as they are super efficient at kick turns and gliding.
    Soft boots are comfy :))) and give you a more surfy "feel". In essence, my opinion is they make me feel like I am one with the slope, terrain, snow... mountain (yah, that sounds hippie)
    A guide friend of mine, Eric Layton (also a HB'er), notes that soft boots are perfect for short day climb trips in powder and HB are best for long tours. I'd agree with that statement over all.
    All the people I know that do big splitboard mountaineering climbs use HB's.

    Note, K.p0w has his boots dialed in. If you were to go that route. Chat with him about his set.

  4. Thanks PP; after writing that last night I was sure I was going to get some “go read the threads, dummy!” And then I went and read.
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    LoL.. Nah, we're not like TGR forum here. That said, there are some treads by Kpow on here that he's chatted about the HB setups. Maybe I can talk to IDSnowghost and have a separate section for these types of discussions here.. (thinking out loud).

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