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    14/15 Armada Kufo 186cm - drilled 3 times, currently for 311 bsl a centimeter or two in front of factory recommended. They had 10 days on them when I bought them and I’ve put less than 30 more on. No core shots or edge damage. Some signs of use as they aren’t brand new.
    15/16 Marker Kingpin 10 - The toe pieces were replaced summer of 2018. The new toes have less than 5 days on them. Bindings have less than 30 total days and are $599.99 new.
    14/15 Atomic Multifit Skins - 40 or less days, full nylon skins, they could use a glue refresh and waterproof, they aren’t adding to the price. I replaced the weak plastic tip connectors with full metal loops from Contour sewn on by a cobbler.
    This is only being sold as a combo for $400.
    72F5FC4B-961A-49A2-8B9E-1F6C0CC62ED4.jpeg 1DA9E01E-FAEA-4F0D-9096-094B22B41F5E.jpeg 6F0E7EEF-CE2B-4919-B880-8F9249B65910.jpeg 3C1F0F8E-869C-43C7-9707-B04EBDF49DB5.jpeg 6ACF31E3-AB7E-4D45-8201-9682E3AB243D.jpeg
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