Full recall of the Scarpa F1 Evo ski boot

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    Heads up for anyone with this boot. Press release sums it up. My touring partner has been loving his and was planning on taking them into the Wallowas in two weeks. Needless to say he is totally bummed. Retail beta testers have been getting kicked in the teeth this year. With this absolutely abysmal winter I'm tempted to kick all my stuff into the front yard and burn it.

    SCARPA Voluntary and Precautionary Recall of F1 Evo ski boots with Tronic System

    Feb. 2, 2015 – SCARPA has elected to voluntarily recall all F1 EVO ski boots.

    SCARPA is asking all retailers and consumers who have purchased Fall 2014 F1 Evo ski boots with the Tronic System to cease using them immediately and return them to SCARPA as soon as possible for a refund.

    It appears that given a rare combination of conditions and circumstances, the boot may unexpectedly switch from ski mode to walk mode, which increases the skier’s likelihood of falling.

    For North American consumers, please cease using the boots immediately and return them as soon as possible to the point of original purchase for a refund. For North American dealers, please cease any further sales of the boots and contact SCARPA at (866) 998-2895 to set up a return and refund.

    Thank you in advance, and SCARPA apologizes for any inconvenience this has caused our customers or retailers.
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