Free pair of skins!

Discussion in 'General' started by nkerber, Feb 25, 2023.

  1. nkerber


    Spokane, WA
    Some of you might recall a silly little poem I wrote about a single lost skin I found in the St. Regis basin a few weeks back... too tired from another tour to come up with another poem, but long story short, I found that skin's match recently.

    From the mountains they came, to the mountains I would like to see them go. Never got any takers from my initial message so if you or a friend are in need of a pair of skins, let me know! Happy to see them go to a good home in exchange for a 6 pack or some good beta on a tour I haven't done before.

    These guys are fairly old but still seem plenty sticky and the attachment points work great. They'd fit about 180-190 cm skis and look like they're cut for 108-ish underfoot right now but could of course be trimmed down.
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  2. howler


    Kellogg, ID
    I'd take you up on these if you're ever driving to Kellogg. I'm riding with my dad this season before he leaves to Alaska. He would love these for some spring adventures. Cheers!
  3. HBR


    Silver Valley
    Owen one of the bartenders at lookout would love these and would be willing to compensate. He's there Thursday Saturday and Sunday

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