Dynafit Mercury - Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Alpine Touring Gear' started by huckandchuck, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. huckandchuck


    We're into the offseason so naturally I'm scrounging around for deals on next year's gear. I am interested in trying to lighten up my footwear a bit and am intrigued by the Dynafit Mercury boots because of the stiffness and range of motion. Anyone have any experience/thoughts on these boots? Any recommended alternatives I should look at (tlt6? or any of the multitude of other boots I am brushing over)? Thanks in advance for any info. Cheers! Chris.

    Currently in a pair of K2 pinnacle 130's. I've loved them but the weight is starting to get to me on longer days. I know the Mercury wouldn't be a huge weight savings, but at least a step in the right direction, right (hahaha)!
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  2. k.p0w


    I love my TLT6! Super comfortable and lightweight. And I've seen them on good sales on backcountry.com
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  3. idsnowghost

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    Might want to get your foot in the Mercury. It's got a progressive flex that ends with a hard stop. I didn't like it. Basically a softer version of the Vulcan (has no hard stop).

    TLT6 is popular, comfortable, lightweight but it's not a very stiff boot coming from K2's 130 flex.

    Whatever you choose.. you will definitely notice the weight difference as your Pinnacles are 800g/1.75lbs heavier per boot than my AT boots (La Sportiva Spectre).
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    Yeah, I like my TLT6's for splitboarding and my mod's, but there are a few things that I don't like about them. For skiing.. and seeing how you ski Huck (Chris)… I think it would be loose for you!
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  5. huckandchuck


    thanks for the feedback guys! That gives me a bit to chew on.
    Panda - I was concerned about the flex w/ the 6's. Nice to have an outside perspective re: skiing in em.

    Obviously I need to get my feet in a few boots and sort it out. Might have to be patient though w/ all the stores making floor space for paddle boards.
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