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  1. Fellas,

    I'm in the market for a BC day pack. My current pack carries all my avy gear and some layers and some food but its a little tight and a little disorganized. Its also a bit heavy and its hot on my back.

    I'd like a touch more room probable 25-35L and some organization of gear, layers and food.

    I'd love to hear of anyone's experiences with packs they own and use. Both good and bad is helpful!

    Examples: crappy organization but light and vents well, or lots of organization but heavy, or pack fell apart after 1 season of use, etc..

    I think my ideal pack would be something light but roomy and that somehow sits off the back and vents on the skin track up, if that exists.

    Cheers and Happy 2017.
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    I have the DaKine Blade, 32L, that I really like. I currently use a BCA Float 32 but still use my Blade for spring touring. The Blade has a nice pocket for avy tools, a google pocket and helmet carry. I can pack a layer, food, and all of my typical extra gear (medical kit, repair kit, etc . . .) easily without the pack being stuffed. It also has a back entry panel that makes getting into the pack more convenient when touring. You can do either horizontal ski carry, A frame carry, or for snowboards both vertical and horizontal carry. I have owned this pack for 6 years now and have not had any issues with zippers or the material ripping. Good luck finding a pack, there are so many choices out there!
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  3. Love it, thanks!

    Keep em coming, just the kind of feedback I am looking for!
  4. Deuter rise pro 34+, I have used it for 2 years so far and I am really happy with it. It has a dedicated pocket for shovel and probe and the main pocket can either be accessed from the top or by a zipper on the back panel, you can carry skis A-frame style and the top pocket is roomy. I use it ski patrolling 5 days a week and for backcountry tours on my days off, I also use it for rock/alpine climbing and the only wear and tear is probably from that, it has a few scuffs from climbing up a granite chimney in the bugaboos and one small hole in the water bottle pocket from a snow picket I put there but otherwise it has held up great. Happy pack hunting!
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  5. For me, a key feature on a snow sports pack is a zippered back panel access. I have used top loaders but I like being able to access all items at break time, or transition time. Since I generally carry a full compliment of avy, first aid, clothing, and lunchtime gear (hot food in a thermos) I like a a 40 liter pack for full day trips.
    - I have a Deuter 32L pack that I really like but it is a little small and I mainly use it in warmer weather (fewer clothes to carry), or to ski side and slack-country (less food and water to carry).
    - My current go-to BC ski pack is the Osprey Kamber 42. It has all the features I want and carries enough gear to keep me comfortable and prepared for most emergencies. BCA also makes a similar pack, the Stash 40. I went with the Osprey because it was available at the time I had the $$ to buy one.
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  6. Higgins and Schenk, thanks! I agree my next pack simply must have back panel access. I saw that feature being used by my touring partner last week and I immediately said "I need that".

    Good point about the thermos. I sometimes carry one with tea and another with miso soup. This is when I really run out of room.
  7. I second the vote for the Dakine Blade. I just received mine from Sierra Trading Post ($99). Very well thought out pack. If I had to pick something I don't like, it would be the buckles used for the horizontal board carry. They are large and I could feel them while trying the pack on at home. Can't say I noticed them when layered up though. All in all a great pack. And if you hurry, you might still find one for $99.
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