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    Hey Folks,
    I've been getting a lot of messages on FB, IG and here about Avy Courses. We hope to have some dates hammered out from IPAC this next week. We will work on getting other providers info out as it becomes available. Everyone is working on the logistics of how to do the classroom settings (field work is easy to have distance).

    We'll get stuff out as soon as we can so that people can get into classes early. I suspect this will be a busy year in the backcountry. Friends don't let friends ride without Equipment, the Education/Training, practice and the forecast!!

    Speaking of... Remember, support your avy center, we derive much of our funding through fuindraising and donations from the users!!!

    Pray for Snow.. Bring on la Nina!!!

    Meanwhile.. here's some #PanhandleBackcountry stoke for ya
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