Chute Basics for Splitboarders/Snowboarders

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    As we get into Spring, chute & couloirs are more accessible with stable snow. Here is a nice little article done on the basic of riding Chutes/Couloirs as a snowboarder.
    A few things I'd throw in:

    1. As a snowboarder, check your speed in Chutes/Coulees. If it's Spring, too fast can send you getting spit out at the bottom against some rocks.

    2. Know how to make jump turns, as there are times this is necessary.. If you can't get you're board around, practice on steep open slopes.

    3. Have your pack on tight. Last year I watched a guy make a jump turn on a 45 degree entrance and his pack flew to the side, almost sending him into the 50 degree crux..

    4. As noted in this article, know spots to pull off for safety. With that... also need to know not to spend too much time making turns.. That requires more weight in the slope.. or getting washed out by the slough (Slough Management)

    5. One at a time.. Chutes/Coulees are never doubled (Unless you REALLY know it well).

    6. Don't hang out in the apron.. if the slough builds, it will bury you. Or a possible late slide.

    7. If you don't feel it.. Don't do it. I've been known to say.. "Nope, don't have the feel." It could be that you have a bad feel for the snow, or just not the day for you. Don't feel pressured if you are with a strong crew.

    Happy Chuting!!!!
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