Burton Ruler as touring boot?

Discussion in 'Splitboard Gear' started by wordbird, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. Local shop is having their spring sale, and they are selling it at 40% off(less than anything I could find online). Has anybody spent a season or more touring on previous years models?Seems like a light & stiff boot, so I was thinking about buying it.
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    Hey Wordbird.. sorry the late reply on this. I know several people that use the ruler as their boot. I need a much stiffer boot myself.

    That said, Rulers have been around for a long while, with a tried and proven record!
  3. I only bought the boot because it was 40% off at the local shop. Took it out for a 3k' tour on Burke last Saturday. Works okay. I would prefer a stiffer boot, but I think I would have to upgrade to dynafits and new bindings, I think they are called phantoms(fingers crossed I can afford that before next spring touring season).

    I'm still a little concerned that it would lose it's initial stiffness fast, I saw some internet reviews mentioning that. Definitely felt stiffer than 6/10 on stiffness scale that Burton uses at least so far.
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    For the Rulers, put in a stiff shoe liner that will help a bit too.

    As for going to HB setup.. If you're using Spark pucks (or voile pucks) why go with Phantom. Phantoms are nice, but WAY over priced. The only thing that they can say makes them better is that they are about 1cm closer to the board.
    Otherwise, the Spark R&D Dyno's give them a run for their money. I ride the Dyno's which have several things going for them.
    1. Weight is virtually the same
    2. Sparks are almost indestructible.
    3. If there is snow built up around the baseplate, you slam your Sparks on and good to go (Phantoms you will have to spend time chipping away at the snow to get the binding to clip on firmly.
    4. Spark has a unique heal wire stop that allows you to step in on steep terrain without a lot of cumbersome awkward movements (unless you're super flexible, which i am not anymore).
    4. Spark Dynos cost about $250 (and you already have the pucks)

    Note, the other things needed:
    1. Dynafit Speed Radicals ($99 @ Skimo http://skimo.co/dynafit-binding-toes)
    2. Hardboot which will cost you $300+ right now with end of season prices.(I use TLT6's. But if you go to Splitboard.com you will find many other types people are using).
    3. Spark Ski crampons made for the Dynafits tour pieces.
    4. Optional: Spark Canted Pucks

    A huge proponent of the Phantoms is Kpow. He loves them and will have a lot of good feedback on their gear. So reach out to him if you decide Phantoms. They are a great binding.

    BTW.. Stay away from the Voile HB plate set-up. Voile makes some great stuff.. that is not one of them.

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  5. Yea I might need to consider that setup instead seems like it would be a bit cheaper.
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    Regardless, be sure to chat with Kpow about the boot mod's. Also, you can google some info on it. Otherwise the boots will be way too stiff out of the box.

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