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  1. To start off I am a skier not a splitboarder. But I bought my wife a splitboard so she can start to join me on a few outings a year. But I can not for the life of me can not find any bindings available anywhere. Does anyone know of anything available? I'm not looking for anything specific, just something that will get the job done.
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    Unfortunately, this may not be your (her) season. Thanks to COVID and the skyrocketing interest in outdoor sports, the few that were available early on were snatched up very quickly. Many of the manufacturers just couldn't make product for this season, as the supply chains were severely curtailed early 2020.

    Keep an eye on Craigslist and FB Marketplace, but expect price gouging if anything does show up.
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  3. Hey I didn’t take the time To look at your profile so I don’t know where you’re located: but the split borders of Washington Facebook page would be a good group to join. There’s almost always stuff for sale on there, it seems like nobody’s ever trying to like Scalp or whatever— The only kind of crappy part about it is that most members of that group are on the west side.
    Bills right there’s a scarcity of gear in general but I see bindings and boards etb Cetra come up on there often enough...
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  6. I decided to upgrade from snowshoes to a splitboard this season. I ended up ordering some gear from Europe due to availability and price. The shipping was more expensive, but you don't pay sales tax or import duties on orders less than $800, so it all evened out. I received all my gear in less than 2 weeks, which seemed pretty reasonable to me. If you're willing to use Google Translate to shop, it might work out for you.

    I ordered a board from Pathron with no issues. I've only taken it out for a brief test run on Mt. Spokane, but it seems well made for the price - They're made in the same factory that produces Korua Shapes and Dupraz boards, so I wasn't too worried about the quality. I'm planning to take the board out for a longer trip this weekend, and will have a better idea of how it performs. Anyway, they also have their own split binding, which appears to be in stock

    I didn't end up purchasing from any of these stores, so can't vouch for them, but they all apparently ship to the US and show bindings in stock. Ausruestung-00008Q1O/

    Also, I did buy bindings and skins from Stone Snowboards. Looks like he is sold out of bindings, but their customer service was great, and their prices for Union bindings and Kohla skins were the best I had seen. Their second hand boards are very affordable too, but I've never ridden one, so not sure if they're any good.
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  7. Thank you all for the help I was able to locate a pair of spark r&d surge pros for a ridiculous price but they are on their way.
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    Excellent info @wesleychill!!! Thank you for writing this.
    I have also done purchases from Europe, and as noted by Wesley, it takes a bit to get here. But truly, not that bad.

    Also Wesley, would you write up a review of the Union binders? I know they have improved from the first editions. At least I haven't heard anything negative.

  9. I got them for my husband for Christmas, so I haven't ridden them myself. They are the 2020 model and he's only been on them twice, but so far he's pretty happy with them. He says they're comfortable and easy to transition, and they ride well. The only complaints are that the baseplates twist a little from side to side no matter how hard they're tightened, and it is really difficult to adjust the lean on the high backs. I'm sure there are better bindings out there, but they were inexpensive and seem to get the job done. We were riding with a friend this weekend who has an older model of Unions and there are some differences in materials. The newer ones have more metal components in the construction and feel a bit sturdier.
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    Thank you @wesleychill, that's good info. I'll have to grab a pair to to touch and feel. Could you send me a [ic of that flex?

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