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  1. I apologize if this has been posted before, but the search function didn't allow me to use just the term 'map'.

    What are your favorite (physical) maps for the panhandle area? Other areas I've lived have the Latitude 40 ones, which are absolutely great. Looks like they don't make one of those for this area yet, but I'm sure there are some good alternatives.


  2. Hi Chris,
    We aren't enough of a tourist destination to have the maps you mentioned. For basic roads and trails, there are the Forest Service Visitor Use Maps. They have all the roads and trails on them, but do not have the detail for topography. The FS Motor vehicle use map (MVUM) is the roads that are legal to motorized use, these are available for free from the Forest Service offices and can be helpful in planning approaches for spring missions. As for a skiing worthy paper map, I think most people print out a Caltopo map and stick it in a ziploc. Hope that helps.

  3. Thanks for the response! Caltopo is one of my main go-to’s and I’ve used that method quite a bit.
    I’ll snag a forest service map to cover the bases. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t overlooking any resources!
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    It’s not paper, but the GAIA GPS app is great and has some excellent backcountry features. It does require a yearly subscription.
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    Caltopo seems like the gold standard these days for printed. I also bring along a geo-referenced version on my phone with Avenza (or the new Caltopo app!)

    Backcountry Skiing Canada makes some pretty good maps and guides for areas North of the border.

    I've also started playing around with creating some unofficial maps for popular bc ski zones locally.. Where would you want to see mapped and what details included?
  6. I do have a Gaia subscription as well, and it’s super useful when you have a destination in mind. I’m new to the area and just trying to get a broad feel for where everything is, which is when a large physical map comes in handy!
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  7. Didn’t know caltopo had an app now, that’s awesome!
    Having user created maps would be super helpful. I’ve only learned of a few local BC zones so far, but it seems like it would be really easy to accidentally end up in bushwhacking hell if you didn’t have a good feel for the area. That’s mostly what I’m trying to figure out- just a handful of solid go-to zones to alternate between depending on snowpack, aspect, access, etc.
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  8. Russ S.

    Russ S.

    Gaia has USGS Topo by Caltopo maps and I frequently use the Slope Angle shading. Does using the Caltopo app get you an other functionality? I'd rather not install multiple apps if Gaia has the same functions. TIA
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  9. I've attached a helpful map (pdf). The snowmobile use map layered over the forest visitor map. Lots of useful info.

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