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Discussion in 'General' started by Elino, Mar 30, 2022.

  1. I've been snowboarding for years. Comfortable in steeps, trees, and powder. Would like to get into backcountry split boarding. I am looking for advice on a budget friendly setup. Could be new or used. I ride a 156cm board. Just ordered my avalanche transceiver and will be looking into shovel, probe, etc. and classes. Any suggestions on board set up and prices I can be looking at? (I just spent 1000$ this past year on a new board, boots, and binding, so I need to keep my "accountant" happy).
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    Hey @Elino Sorry the late reply here. Been super busy this year.
    There are a lot of bargains come around June to first week of August. After that, prices will jump. I think last year they jumped early. June/July are def the best times of year to buy.

    Don't buy any thing used related to your Avy gear.
    Even a used split setup will cost close to $1k. It's a bummer for sure.
    You can piece-meal stuff. Get a board that you think is what you'd like to ride, then binders and skins.
    Everyone here knows, I am partial to Spark R&D for soft booters. I will not recommend Karakorums to anyone (unless you get a pair for $50-100.. then use and sell when ready to go with a better brand), just be in one of my avalanche courses with a person on Kara's and you'll see why real fast.
    Spark's do go on sale at some retailers, and sometimes if you search hard, you can find on sale.
    If you're interested in HB setup, reach out to @k.p0w who rides Phantoms. Bar none the best HB setup on the market.. but $$$$$

    Other items,
    Good pack, 35L that supports snowboard carry (or at least A frame ski carry for split mode carry)
    Water bottle 1L
    First Aid Kit (can build your own, still a little spend)
    Good layers- Use Polypropylene or Smartwool first layer. A mid-layer for dead winter climbing/riding.

    There's a good start for you.

    Hope to see you in an IPAC Avy class next year!

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