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Discussion in 'General' started by PatrickGreen, Jun 2, 2018.

  1. Looking to tour up near Bee Hive tomorrow. Does anyone have any beta in regards to the road? Is it clear to the trail head? What does the creek crossing look like?

    Anyone up for an early tour up there??
  2. k.p0w


    How was it?
  3. Snow conditions were great. However we saw a lot of wet slide/slab activity on different aspects.

    The trail up could be done with hiking shoes.

    The road into the trail head is still covered with snow. I imagine it will be this way for at least another 2 weeks. We ended up walking a few miles down the road to avoid getting the truck stuck.
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  4. Pics?! How's Twin looking? Did you ride?
  5. Sorry for delayed response. We rode the ridge to the lookers left of twin peaks. Snow is going fast up there. Ended up with about 1500 ft of turns. Worth the trip! SZWJQh1ATKeZj3oyvjz2Zg.jpg diWPhUL5Qgq5hFbVkcMt0A.jpg IMG_1367.JPG IMG_1368.JPG diWPhUL5Qgq5hFbVkcMt0A.jpg
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