Avalanche Forecasting 3/17/2020

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  1. We are having technical difficulties with the website this morning, so posting the forecast to alternative locations. Share to get the word out and hopefully we will get the web issue fixed soon.

    While the skies may be sunny today, don't forget the high wind that we had over the weekend that built up large wind slabs and deposited cross loading. These are predominantly on the W/SW aspects, but the winds swirled so much you might find them on other aspects. Our highest open elevations didn't hold any new snow, it's either wind slab or wind scour. Expect to find cross loading on anything even remotely open enough for wind to snake into.

    As temperatures warm up today and tomorrow, expect the danger for wet slides to increase. Rollerballs and pinwheels are clues to move to a shadier aspect. As the mid week temperatures continue to stay warm, give cornices a wide berth. Warm temperatures will weaken them. Have a safe week and send in observations if you are out. -Melissa Hendrickson
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