Anyone in Spokane area interested in some beacon practice?

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  1. Straight up noob here; have beacon—need practice.
    Anyone interested in a get together at a decent location to work on locating beacons? Had a dude from another group but long time no hear so I’m posting here.
    Watching videos is great, but it’s not practice. Not sure more experienced folks would be super interested; but could be a good time and a productive one if a few cool people got together. Anyway it’s out in the universe, now—comment or message...
    edit: I tried to move this to general and don’t see how.
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  2. Bill A.

    Bill A.

    Spokane, WA
    It's a bit trickier this year, but a couple of years back some folks on this page set up a beacon practice night at one of the beer joints next to a park in the south part of Spokane. Turnout was fantastic, as were the scenarios. Again, a bit trickier this year, but if you'd like to set something up, I'm sure a few people will show.
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  3. Bill A thanks for the input. It’s hard to pick a day and say hey this is the date and place when there seems to be no interest—certainly no response, save yours.
    I actually got this idea from my old boss—his group gets together every year for a pretty informal deal—beer, friends, good time. I asked and he said I could come on when they do it this year—but not sure I’ll hear from him.
    I’d like to shake this out more than one class in February—if the situation happens it should be a very familiar process. So I guess I’ll just put it out—exactly what you said: a park, maybe some pizza/beer/dietary requirement friendly food and a good time. Fri, sat, or Sunday—at a park with room.
  4. PowderPanda

    PowderPanda Staff Member

    Liberty Lake, WA
    With it being outdoors.. that should be great.
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  5. After looking at the calandar—I would propose the 12th or 13th of November, in the afternoon/evening....if alcohol is important—I generally regard day drinking as safer. 12th is a Friday. I’m open to locations, the one Bill A mentioned was on south hill—Thornton Murphy is close to Lincoln Heights, Manito has some restaurants/bars fairly close. There’s a park off Hamilton with food and drink right there as well. Event planning isn’t my forté—what i picture is some cool people, ziploc bags, and beacons. As far as scenarios—for me: simple one or two burial. But if experience shows up and cooperative spirit prevails—great! The less experienced should follow and watch as scenarios become complex. Me I’d keep it to what we’re most likely to encounter.
    Any takers?
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  6. Bill A.

    Bill A.

    Spokane, WA
    Normally those evenings are a no-go for us, but it just so happens that we're both off that week, so you can count 2 for either of those two evenings.

    BTW, here is a link to the event in 2018 that I was talking about, with links within to previous events.
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  7. Not sure if this ever happened but I am certainly interested in any practice sessions in the future.
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  8. Big laugh emoji: I had a beer by myself and went home. I’ll send you a message.

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