Anyone got info on Scotchman Peak and/or Snowshoe Peak?

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  1. Hey panhandle group,

    Was wondering if anyone has gone up Scotchman yet this year? Is the summer trailhead still accessible by 4x4 or is it too deep of snow? Same route as summer route?

    Wondering if anyone has done snowshoe in a day? It seems like east is steep but fast and the west is very long... Any info on a winter ascent for this one would be much appreciated! I haven't seen this one during summer so not sure what terrain is like under all that snow.

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    If you are talking about Snowshoe Peak in the Cabs, I have heard of it being done in a day by a few different groups, all who approached from the West. I have never heard of it being skied from the East. I tried from the East last year but was shut down by time. There is definitely no “fast” way to get up there from the East aspect.
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  3. Any idea what trailhead they used or where they parked to get Snowshoe from the West during winter?
  4. North fork of the bull river. Sounds pretty straightforward... like sixteen hours worth haha. It’s pretty much from the highway... just two or three miles off of the pavement until the forest service road melts out.
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  5. As of 3/19 a high clearance 4/x4 could push all the way up FR 2294A to about 1.5 miles from trailhead for Scotchman Peak trail #65. Lacking high clearance on my Suzuki SX4, Sheila and I walked from FR 2295/2294 junction for 2 miles. We followed a set of deep 4x4 tracks for about 1.5 miles until they ended and continued on for another half mile past that point before turning back. Alternately, Lightning Creek Rd was clear all the way to trailhead for Goat Mtn trail #135 (milepost 3) when I drove up there on 3/21.
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    Great info, thank you!
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