AIARE Avalanche Classes (Selkirk Powder)

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    Hey everyone,
    Selkirk Powder just posted all their 2020/2021 avalanche education classes through AIARE online. Check it out at
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    Here's the dates for Selkirk Powder Level I folks!

    Level I

    12 students
    January 23–24, 2021
    February 13–14, 2021
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    Thanks Larry! Those are just the Level 1 dates. We’ll have 5 or 6 Avalanche Rescue courses as well. Dates are on the website.
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    Thanks for posting these, @k.p0w & @PowderPanda .

    Now we need to keep fingers crossed for sufficient snow for that first Avy Rescue course!
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    AIARE hits the Selkirks

    Sandpoint, ID - In an effort to increase opportunities for backcountry skiers and riders to undertake structured, state of the art backcountry travel learning opportunities in the American Selkirks, Selkirk Powder Company (SPC) aka Selkirk Powder Guides (SPG), is proud to join the esteemed national team of AIARE Provider's for the winter 20/21 season.

    Established in 2003, and known primarily for cat skiing, SPC has been working with a seasoned group of staff guides on the certifications and accreditations necessary to attain the "Provider" status for over four years.Selkirk Powder joins the national team of AIARE providers for the winter 20/21 season making class registration available immediately.

    “Selkirk Powder Company is excited to undertake their first season of avalanche courses as an AIARE provider,”saidKen Barrett, co-founder of Selkirk Powder Company. “Kevin Stolbrock, our AIARE Programs Manager, and our guide team come with over a century of collective backcountry experience. They have been working extremely hard at achieving their credentials to teach the AIARE curriculum. It's going to be wonderful to watch them teach what they truly love to do!”

    The American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education (AIARE)

    AIARE is a nonprofit educational organization with a mission of “saving lives through avalanche education.” Serving over 100 providers in the US, South America, Europe and Asia, AIAREdevelops research-based avalanche education curriculum and implements ongoing training and certification for course instructors and providers.

    AIARE curriculum offers courses to serve all levels, from recreational to professional and from novice to advanced. They are built in accordance with national and international standards developed by the American Avalanche Association (AAA) and the Canadian Avalanche Association (CAA).

    A Wide Variety of Winter Adventures in a 200,000-acrePlayground

    Selkirk Powder Company has been serving up snowy adventures in the Selkirk Mountains since 2003 by way ofcat and heli-skiing adventures; self-propelled and snowmobile-assistedalpine ski tours, and snowmobile adventures as a certified Polaris Adventures Outfitter. They maintain an in-house, Professional Division of the National Ski Patrol (NSP); Idaho state licensed ski guides; and AIARE instructors. Base operations take place out of Schweitzer Mountain Resort in Sandpoint, one of the largest ski areas in the United States Pacific Northwest with permits granted by the Idaho Department of Lands (IDL).

    Beginning in December, SPG will offer AIARE Rescue, AIARE 1 and 2 courses. Each course will be available on pre-determined dates, and the SPG team is additionally available for custom courses.

    For more information and registration, visit:, call (208)263-6959, or email
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  7. Thanks! All signed up!
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