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Discussion in 'Alpine Touring Gear' started by Pete-OF, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. Thought I might buy now while there are still some half way decent prices, watcha think ?

    Need: Transceiver, shovel, probe and pack

    Is the Pieps Freeride a good one at $169 or should I get the Tracker DTS at $239

    REI has the tracker DTS, shovel and Probe at $319.00 has the pieps freeride with a shovel at 199 or with a probe at 199

    Haven't looked for used yet, say on TGR - Opinions appreciated. Thanks Pete
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    I have two Tracker 2 transceivers. I like them.

    For used:
    Ebay (where I got my last Tracker for $200).
    and even Craigslist (If you search cities in Montana, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, etc.. you can find some).

    When looking for a shovel, get a good aluminum one, NOT a Lexan Blade (plastic). The hugh grade aluminum are better and bigger.. which means more snow being moved. Yes, weigh slightly more.. But worht it to you and the guy your saving).

    Probe, get one with the measure markings.. It comes in handy when digging pits and doing snow punches to feel the layers so you can record the distance down.

    The Pieps Freeride is a single-antenna transceiver, the Freeride cannot display a direction indicator that points you to the victim. Instead, you must manually locate victim by using the Freeride's distance indicator to find the shortest distance. The lack of a direction indicator is a significant disadvantage relative to multiple-antenna transceivers. The range of the Freeride is extremely short (only 25 meters in the two tests I've performed). The distance displayed on the screen greatly exaggerates the distance to the victim (displaying 41 meters when the transceiver was 25 meters from the victim.

    Hope that helps...
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  3. idsnowghost

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    Great advice from Larry. Avoid Pieps Freeride even though the price tag might be attractive.

    I own the Tracker DTS and the Pieps DSP Tour. If you can find a deal on a Tracker DTS or Tracker2.. I'd go with that, as it's probably the best beacon to start with. Very easy to use and proven technology.

    Another option I saw recently at SteepandCheap is the (3 antenna) Ortovox 3+ Beacon for $240:

    As I mentioned in the other thread, when Sierra Trading Post has a 40% off coupon you can get the feature rich (4 antenna) and long range (50m) Pieps DSP for $200:

    Ortovox shovel for $30:
    G3 shovel for $33:

    Haven't seen any great deals for probes recently. As we're getting closer to ski season everything is going back to full price. Here's the BCA Stealth 24o (I have one of these, it's easy to use) on ebay for $32:

    Too much of a range in pack choices to suggest anything specific. Look for those with a dedicated avalanche tools pocket on the outside. Something in the range of 20-32 liters for day touring. Anything smaller (18-20L) and you will probably just be able to carry your avy tools, water and an extra layer.

    I'll post any other deals I see here..
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  4. Thanks, will continue to look and will check out what you both mentioned. thanks for advice on gear, since I know nothing it really helps.
  5. Mike and Panda, this sounds good to me/opinion?

    Tracker DTS, alum shovel, marked probe $259. used ("twice on the hill"), 12-13 models.
  6. PowderPanda

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    Sounds good... Ebay, Gear Trade? Send Mike or I the link.. I'm traveling through MT but can later in the evening.
  7. ebay-I would send you the link but don't know how-sorry.
  8. PowderPanda

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  9. Thanks to both of you for advice. Bought this package for 250 and free shipping. alum shovel and probe is marked so all I need now is a pack and a new younger body. Thanks guys. If one of you ever get the time I would appreciate a primer on my E mail on how to link stuff. My wife calls me electronically deprived.
  10. NOTE. if you can do the LINK stuff please assume I know nothing or I won't understand. Link for Dummies! The important thing is I ski better than LINK so thats what really matters.
  11. Mike and Panda, thanks for advice. Bought the DTS Tracker, aluminum shovel, marked probe and a Dakine Heli Pro 20 liter pack. Damn I have to wait for the snow now. Anyway got the basics for $310.00 so am happy. Thanks for the site and the help.
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    Pete-OF... Just "Copy" the link from the address bar and "Paste" it in the comment field.. that works fine..

    Congrat's.. Love my Dakine Heli for day trips. Both Mike and I now have ABS packs.. Just one more thing for the Avy Tool bag of survival. There are pro's and con's to having them. But in the end, it is just another tool.
  13. idsnowghost

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    Congrats on the setup Pete! Looks like you got away with some pretty good deals.

    Dakine makes decent packs. I've got the smaller (11L) Dakine Heli pack also, I use it inbounds at Silver pretty often. Pro 20 liter looks nice!

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