2nd Annual: Grin & Grind Uphill Ski Gathering

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  1. Come out and join the local uphill skiing community for an end of the season hootenanny! We are crossing our fingers for sunshine and corn-snow… so come simply to crank out a few laps with like-minded peers, or to cheer on a buddy.

    When: Saturday April 20th 7am-4pm

    Where: Mt Spokane State Park - Lodge One (discover pass OR snow-park permit required)

    Why: Because it is gonna be awesome and there will be awards….and maybe some really cool people you didn’t know before.

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    · The early riser uphill shredders will convene to knock off a PR day of uphilling, and the late comes will be right behind to enjoy the corn snow. Come for one lap or seven! Bring your splitboards, teleskis, or carbon skimo set up along with your hibachi and cooler of drinks. It will be a great day of skiing and hanging while folks skin and ski into the afternoon!

    · Wear costumes, lycra, or the canadian tuxedo. This event is a day of fun, personal bests, and supporting folks getting down to set a PR and/or hang with like-minded ski touring folk! *There will be a party-lap at noon and costumes or silly attire is encouraged*

    · The dreamers of this event are not looking to make this a formal sign-up and register type deal. The event does have participants from the mountaineers, she-jumps, IPAC, and panhandle backcountry but is set to simply be a gathering of like-minded folks in pursuit of good-times, PRs, and their names on a trophy.

    · To RSVP, ask how you can help (e.g. flip burgers, procure swag, develops awards), or just to ask a few questions email gringrindski@gmail.com

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    Hey Eastern Wa/N. Idaho... No excuses, see you at Mt Spokane on Saturday!!!
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    Have fun, if Silver was closed I'd be there.
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