2020 Beacons and Beers

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  1. An informal season opening practice session.
    November 14
    South Perry Brewing
    Meet up around 6:00pm for a brew and meet/greet—head over to Grant Park around 6:15 for practice scenarios. Lantern is closed so after-action-review location tbd.
    Covid makes the bar thing iffy-no reservations, first-come. Warm pocket beverages recommended. The author plans to bring some special hot chocolate—usual warnings about safe driving.
    Bring a beacon, warm clothes, headlamp, and ideas for practice scenarios. Like the 2018 gathering said: this is peer-to-peer education and not a substitute for a formal companion rescue or avalanche course. This is a chance to practice skills we hope to not need to use in a fun, informal group setting.
    Covid acknowledgement: the author/?host? recognizes the risks posed by Covid. It seems like most people I run into aren’t really worrying too much about precautions at this point. Politics aside, my plan is to bring some sweet hot chocolate and understand if people aren’t digging the bar thing that much. Putting this together to hopefully have some fun with others while learning.
    Sorry for the delay in posting, been a hectic couple of weeks.
    maybe let me know or reply if attending
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  2. I would be interested in attending and possibly bringing a couple of friends with.
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  3. Sounds good. I think the idea would be to split into groups if much of a group shows up, perhaps spreading the experience around—like, I’m not expecting a bunch of people but that’d be coo.
  4. PowderPanda

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    Liberty Lake, WA
    I put the date in my phone!!

    Nice CV disclaimer. LoL
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  5. Haha, our meeting notwithstanding, I don’t wanna catch it. It’s on the upward swing of a parabola. Look forward to seeing you.
  6. Bill A.

    Bill A.

    Spokane, WA
    Dang, we're going to be watching Jeff's (IPAC) virtual presentation to the Northern Rockies Snow and Avalanche Workshop (NRSAW) covering last season's Silver Mountain avalanche. Tix already bought.

    edit: Forgot to add — thanks so much for putting this together @LikesToGoFaSt ! It's an awesome community event to help folks get together and make connections in real life.
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  7. TRN


    @LikesToGoFaSt thank you for getting this great event on the calendar! I will do my best to attend given the short notice. Kudos for keeping it safe both by practicing and by masking/social distancing.
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  8. idsnowghost

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  9. Idsnowghost,
    I was just looking at the schedule for that and would like to tune in myself. Will they upload for later viewing, I wonder?
    I may look into that.
    At any rate, thanks for the reply and support—that goes for everyone—this totally wasn’t what I had in mind when I originally posted in the gear section about this: it will hopefully be way funner.
    *yes autospell, I know funner isn’t a word*
    Beacon finally came—wanna practice.
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  10. So hey folks, Saturday is here and I’ve been putting out little fires everywhere; I hope to see your faces and have some fun tonight. I will be shooting to get to south Perry brewing early; I guess I’ll be in black and greenish goldish puffy, wool shirt if inside—you know like the vodka commercial featuring “Sergio,” from years ago—kinda tallish, shortish, thin, heavy-set, guy with dark, lightish hair—you know Sergio?
    But seriously: brown, short hair; reddish brown beard. Maybe I’ll make a sign for the tables(s) if we can get some. Look for “Beacons and Beers 2020,” in girly cursive.
    I’m going to bring ziplocks and brown bags, I took the brown bags from the last one—maybe useful for close burial and to misdirect since we’ll be on bare ground.
    Anyone fo-sho gonna make it?
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