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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Bobby Tarr, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. I have pushed off writing this post for a while... but the time has come and I wanted to judge interest in a packaged deal (pics to follow soon.) :(

    I hurt my knee last year and I am just not able to split board much (torn PCL & LCL.) I have a 168W split board with about 6-8 days on it in great shape (pics soon.) Sparks R&D Tesla bindings with heel lockers, sparks skins & tail clips, etc. I found that this board rides smaller than it actually is (my 165W resort board is almost 2 inches wider.)

    I also have a Mammut Snowpulse RAS guide series avy pack (no bottle included.) Almost brand new (worn 2 times.) I am 6'2" and long in the torso and it fits great (fits me much better than the BCA, etc.)

    Beacon, probe, shovel, etc. all in new shape.

    I don't have an accurate count yet, but I have over $2400 in this set up and I would make somebody a smoking deal on a packaged set-up.

    I will post back over the next day or so, with individual prices. I "might" be interested in a partial trade for an "inbounds board and binding set-up."

    I wish I was able to be out there with you guys, but it isn't safe for the group and without surgery it isn't going to change, so the time has come to let somebody else slay the backcountry with this awesome gear.

    Stay safe and ride hard!

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  2. idsnowghost

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    Bummed to hear Bobby! You’ll be missed in the BC but hopefully we’ll still see you at the resort?

    Anyone looking for split or avy gear, you really can’t go wrong here. Good luck on the sale!
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  3. is the board still for sale? would you be willing to sell bindings only?
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    @tcal13 If you want some Sparks for a great price, check out @The Splitboard Shop they posted on here they have Spark Demo bindings for a great price.
    I've been riding Spark for over 10yrs and swear by their quality and customer service. If you go to let them know you saw them on this site!

    If you have any questions about Spark, let me know. I can also give you my opinion of Karakorums if you were thinking about them.


  5. Thanks i was looking at their website I'm not sure if they have my size but ill call and see what they say. I am curious about the Karakorum set up and would love to hear your opinion. Sorry about your knee i just got back from a season off due to a meniscus tear. I opted for surgery knees isn't great but its better.
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    Sent ya a PM!

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