Scotchman Peak Tour

Discussion in 'General' started by BCty, Feb 28, 2021.

  1. Hey everyone, thinking about heading up Scotchman tomorrow or Tuesday. Has anyone been up that way and know what the road to the trailhead is looking like?
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    Are you sledding in for access? Be careful on slopes, still touchy out there!
  3. Was thinking of parking as far in as we can go. and hiking/skinning. When I drove to look a few weeks ago that was about where 2294 and 2995 intersect. Looks like 2.5 miles or so to the trailhead from there and then 4 up? Was guessing 5-6 hours on the approach. Anything glaring i'm missing? Looking at topo maps it seems like the southface is relatively mellow, a few areas up to in the low 30's but mostly under 30degrees, but I admittedly haven't been up or skied it. Trying to gather as much beta as I can.
  4. @BCty did you end up doing this tour? If so, any info shared would be appreciated!

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