For Sale New 2021 Spark R&D Full Set-Up Splitboard Bindings & Crampons

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  1. Spark R&D Arc Bindings, Size: Medium, Color: Black/ Orange, comes with Tesla touring brackets, T1 heel rests, pucks and ibex crampons

    Would be $385+$75+$100+ tax + shipping from the store if they were available anywhere anymore. (o_OSupply chain). Make an offer.

    These are very lightweight, straightforward and popular bindings with awesome crampons. It is a great set-up for someone who wants to update their splitboarding set-up to the new Tesla touring set-up and pillow line straps for soft booting.

    Came with board I ordered from Winterstick, but I ended up going in a different direction with my gear system. I was keeping them as backup and out of concern about the lack of availability of my other parts but have now gotten my full new set-up in and switched over my boards, so this system isn't compatible with my gear anymore.

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    View attachment 4959 arc box.jpg
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  3. Do you still have the surge binding. I’ve been needing to upgrade.
  4. Yep, still got them. Will message you.

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