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  1. As I was trying to figure out snow levels on access roads, I came across this super handy tool:

    You can use it to find free satellite images from the last few days anywhere on the planet. I'm still not an expert at all the options, but it saved me a significant amount of extra walking as I learned my Plan A route had snow much lower down the road than I would have guessed.

    Here's what it showed for my plan B. The actual snow line was almost exactly where the image indicated

    Some area seem to be blocked by clouds more often than not, so you may not be able to see exactly what you're looking for

    This also seems handy for gauging general snow coverage early and late season. Hopefully someone finds it useful!
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    Thanks for sharing :) is another way I've found to access the Sentinel 2 imagery -- or the premium levels of Caltopo can add the layer to maps.

    The satellite revisits every 5 or 6 days, clouds or not, but the best imagery you can access for free. Sat imagery is definitely handy in the Spring, but I've been surprised how much snow can melt in a just a couple days since the last clear image!
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  3. Good info! I had no idea that was available on Caltopo, but that's cause I'm cheap and only ever use the free version.
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