For Sale For Sale: Dynafit Beast 16 - Limited Edition! ($350)

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  1. PRICE DROP! $275 $350

    I purchased these hoping they'd inspire me to hike up mountains instead of taking the lift. But after huffing and puffing, sweating and swearing, I've concluded that:
    a) I'm lazy,
    b) I'm paranoid about avalanches, and,
    c) it's WAY easier to swallow your pride, buy a lift ticket, and deal with the crowds.

    Dynafit Beast 16 (Limited edition, 2,430 of 2,500) - $275 $350
    Light wear and tear but nothing that's not gonna happen after some normal use.
    6-16 release value
    Willing to dicker over price. (I'm saving for a new bike--DON'T TELL ME WIFE.)
    Shoot me a text or call me (leave a voicemail) at 5O9.27O.8347 (wonky numbers/letters to fool spammers...maybe.) (2).jpg (1).jpg (3).jpg (4).jpg

    Designed with the help of Swede Fredrik Andersson, an engineer and former Freeride World Tour competitor, the binding is intended for the touring skier whose aggressiveness feels limited by Dynafit’s Radical, or its other lighter weight offerings. A rotating toe piece means the Beast has give, like most alpine bindings, while a clamp above the tooth of the boot heel give it a vertical release, whereas other Dynafit bindings just release laterally.

    Great write-up/review:

    Sure, they're on the heavier side but the price-to-quality ratio is outstanding.
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