For Sale Burton Family-Tree DumpTruck 165cm Splitboard with pucks $375

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by PowderPanda, Sep 1, 2020.

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    Hey Folks,
    I am selling a Burton Family Tree Dump Truck 165cm splitboard and asking $375 OBO
    This board comes with pucks on it's channel which make sit ultra versatile for stance set-up. It is a mid-wide board and rides all terrain.. sounds cliche, but Steep & Deep, hardpack, big mountain, chutes, coulies, pow fields..

    It has about one season of riding on it, I take good care of my boards ensure waxing, edging and general cleaning done consistently. This base had one repair done professionally, it was not a core shot, however I had the area repaired deep to ensure no issues. Also, I just had this base stone ground so it is literally like fresh from factory base again.

    I am adding a review from

    Stickers come free! ;-)
    IMG_1938.jpg IMG_1939.jpg IMG_1940.jpg IMG_1942.jpg

    This damage was not a core shot, but I had them fully cut out and repair as if it was to ensure a solid bond. AS you can see, there is no damage to the edge.
  2. This is probably too big of a board for me, but I’ll ask anyway—I googled if phantoms are compatible and am reading that the t-nut(z) must be ground down—sound about right? Are the t-nut(z) the insert inside the channel?
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    Liberty Lake, WA
    Yes. T-nuts are inside the channel. The distance between the Channel t-bolts and the t-nuts for a normal splitboard measured out pretty much the same (I did not use a caliper).
    Not sure if @k.p0w could chime on this. He's been riding Phantoms for 5+yrs now.

    That's a great point to bring up though, not something I had thought of.
    I've always used Spark Dyno bindings for my HB setup.


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