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  1. Hi all,

    I don't post here much but I thought I would ask this group a question?

    Is/are there adult winter expert ski camps located near us? Almost anywhere on the west coast with the right terrain) will work except Canada. (1 misdemeanor 20 years ago and they won't let me in...they're loss)

    What I mean is this...I'm an advanced "charger" of a skier. But I've never gone backcountry (recently moved here from the east coast) and I'm very much looking to push myself and get better. So I'm looking for a "camp" or "instruction" or a course designed to help me navigate and survive the most challenging terrain. ie: steeps, couloirs, cliffs, tight trees etc.

    Yes, I'm that weirdo the dreams of one day skiing pillow-lines and hucking 20 footers. I want to ski spines in AK and tackle the tough lines. But I also want to survive while doing it.
    I'm 43 and set a goal to make it to AK.
    I'll be taking my AVY I course this winter (late to mid season) And that's the first step, but there's so much more to learn/think about...line choice, body position for steeps, technical chutes, how to land cliffs.
    I know I'll never be selected for any freeride world tour event...but being in a zone like that and know how to charge that type of terrain effectively is my goal.
    Is there a program you know of that would help me achieve this? Is there a "point in the right direction I haven't found or haven't thought of?

    I already found.
    - Jackson's "steep & Deep camp"
    -American Alpine Institute - Extreme ski course
    -Kim's ski camp at Alta
    -And also thought about going with a guide for several days at Silverton Mountain CO

    Thanks for any advice in advance.
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    Sawtooth Mountain Guides have different camps. @idsnowghost and I took their Ski/Splitboard Mountaineering course a f ew years back. You get into some sick Couloirs.
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  3. Spend a season getting your skins wet touring in complicated terrain. Think steep camp in future. I have seen really good skiers humbled in complicated terrain with no BC experience. I agree with Powder Panda, so maybe do a hut tour with a BC guide for a week and you will learn more than if you were simply thrown into steep camp with little or no real mountain experience, even if your are an expert lift skier. It's not a simple cross-over. Just my 2 cents worth. Everyone want to ski an Alaska spine, but earn it through solid training and experience. You will be safer. Of course, I saw all sort of folks ski AK spines without an ounce of experience so it happens. It will be worth your money and time if you put the time into learning...., like taking Level One and then Level Two. These are the foundations of going after big mountain skiing. FWIW old dudes ski AK spines, so you have the rest of your life to fill the dream.
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