Silver Valley 2/19

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  1. Looking for some company out in on the silver valley tmrw, thinking Burke or West Willow, maybe that chute across the valley from the Jammer chute if somebody’s interested. I’ll be coming from Spokane and I can drive if you’d like a ride. Taken an AIRE 1 and a companion rescue course a few years ago

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  2. A little late here but was that you that rode it on the nineteenth?... I was there in the afternoon and it looked like someone and a dog shredded it from the top!??skinnned from the north ridge or from st. Regis basin??? I was lucky enough to ride the lookers right ridge Into the lower choke point. I really think it’s one of the top five lines around Mullan! If it was you I’m curious what you did at the bottom... I didn’t see an up track out... and I think I was the first track out of the summer trail that day.
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  3. 2CA0843D-F485-4176-A54B-121B6914DE1C.jpeg
    That was me indeed and it is certainly a damn fine line! I went up the logging roads on the north end of the ridge to get to it. The skinnier line lookers right looked fun as well, nice work if you skied what i was day dreaming of. Once at the bottom curiosity got the best of me so the powderhound and I bushwhacked our way onto the ridge dividing Stevens and Lone lake via a route I would not recommend. Took a lunch to admire the views before we dropped into Lone lake and skied out that way. 2CA0843D-F485-4176-A54B-121B6914DE1C.jpeg
    44A1A586-E50E-410B-B82A-09404FC86B9F.jpeg Looks like somebody tagged the main couloir on Stevens either that day or the day before, was that you perhaps?
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  4. Dude! That’s so awesome! Panhandle backcountry provides! We must have barely missed each other! I skied the peak with two buddies and split off from them at the lake to go east... I must have been throwing kickturns while
    You were cruising down into lone! You ripped that gully from what I could tell! And I’m a little confused by your last picture but it looks like you crushed it on your lone basin exit! Rad. What an amazing week up there! 746554FD-4D72-4AB9-B43A-94F00D8A7CE6.jpeg

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  5. Man, those lines on you guys skied in on Stevens looked most excellent!.... if I had company besides my personal avy dog I would’ve been racing up there to put another set of tracks on em. What’d you end up skiing from that middle ridge down to Stevens?
    That section I skied down into Lone lake was just a bit above the lake itself
    95D9C86C-158B-46AF-BDEC-8A81375AD1BC.jpeg Ended up making it back the next day as well with the girlfriend and polished up those kickturns you put in. Thanks for the skintrack!
    F2222BE8-A6BA-4625-A197-BC06F2B30C7E.jpeg If you happen to need a partner for some steep stuff in that area on a random weekday drop me a line.
  6. I'm always down for steep stuff as well.
  7. new to the area. Not very experience but cut my teeth last winter down in Colorado. Interested in being the third wheel next season.

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