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Discussion in 'General' started by Bill A., Nov 30, 2020.

  1. Bill A.

    Bill A.

    Spokane, WA
    Hey folks, just in case you've missed it elsewhere, a new season pass and early parking permit are required for uphill travel at Mt Spokane if you are using the Ski Area parking lot and runs:

    Spokesman article.
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  2. idsnowghost

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    Spokane, WA
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  3. Lame. Looks like sno-park passes are cheaper now! Just tour from there.
  4. I believe you can just park at the Snowmobile lot and take the road to the campground to avoid snowshoe traffic. Once at the campground it is fairly open access to the peak.
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  5. idsnowghost

    idsnowghost Staff Member

    Spokane, WA
    Mt Spokane sure has the permit situation squared away. /s

    Got my three passes to play! Let's hope the ski area follows through with their promises and adds some value to the new uphill pass when insurance clears them to do so.


    If you have comments on the changes or number of passes required now, be sure to reach out to State Parks also. They still view backcountry skiing as a "niche activity" and every contact from the public will help.

    Relevant contact information:

    Dupuis, Diana -, (Park Ranger)
    Layton, Ryan -, (Head Maintenance/Plowing)
    Lara Gricar - (Community Outreach)
    Jim van Löben Sels - (Manager at Mt Spokane)
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  6. PowderPanda

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    Liberty Lake, WA
  7. Pow Wow

    Pow Wow

    Spokane Area
    I back country ski to avoid this type of nonsense. No thanks Mt. Spokane. You can keep you're mediocre hill to yourself this year.
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  8. Hi All, based on concerns I've gathered about the new uphill policy at Mt Spokane I set up a zoom meeting with the new General Manager Jim Van Loben Sels this Thursday at 4:30pm factoring in these comments. Please attend if you're interested. Get the zoom info and check out and my recent post here...
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  9. idsnowghost

    idsnowghost Staff Member

    Spokane, WA
  10. I haven’t read the above article yet, but I can tell you some kids got yelled at for skinning prior to 9 AM this morning. They were told they weren’t supposed to be skinning at that time—I can vouch for the fact that it was prior to 9 AM because I didn’t start my skin until 9 AM. Staff, not patrol. Also noted the track between chair one and chair two was plowed up in two places may be reading a little too much into it but it kind of feels like an F U.
    It’s kind of funny because everybody I know that tours Mount Spokane is a season pass holder, myself included.
  11. This is both concerning and confusing. Uphill traffic, according to the new “rules”, should be permitted before 9am but not after. I really hope Mt Spokane gets their .... together
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  12. Yeah. As a non-employee, it just seems like they turned something that worked into a problem. I believe uphill was permitted during operational hours previously—someone correct me if I’m wrong—and I’ve seen maybe five people touring inbounds in five 40-50 day seasons....of course many of those days were night skis.
    Uphill is no more hazardous than, say, someone parked on the side of the run—that rationale is bogus. If you’re under a blind roll, then sure...but people are supposed to ski “in control,” the downhill skier has right-of-way.
    I get them wanting to charge for use of the groomed downhill surface, but the hours restriction is lame. Hurts me—I’m on a graveyard and I tour right after work, best I can do is 0830 arrival on work days.
  13. Bill A.

    Bill A.

    Spokane, WA
    The solution is simple. Don't park in concession lots and don't use (or minimize use of) their groomed slopes.

    Park in the "snowmobile" parking lot (only needs a Sno-Park pass), skin up N. Summit Road to the Bald Knob shelter (either via the road or through the forest), then head up to the summit staying outside of the concession boundaries, which are usually clearly marked. Return via the same route. This way you stay entirely on State Park property.

    If, when you get to the top, you choose to skin over towards Vista House, well, then you're on concession property and have to deal with their guidelines.
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  14. Obviously, changing the routing avoids conflict. My last reply strayed from what I’ve seen to how it affects me, but basically, management did all pass holders a disservice with the rule change. For me though, while chair 1 is closed, that’s where I’m going up. I’ll buy a sno-park pass if and when I have to park there.
  15. Thank you for this information- Hopeful they will let us get back to Earlier start times as it is great to climb with a light and catch the sunrise!
  16. idsnowghost

    idsnowghost Staff Member

    Spokane, WA

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